MAURIZIA DAL ZOVO - nutritionist


Food education in balance between science and common sense, because big change starts with small steps

WHO IS la coach in nutrizione?

My name is Maurizia, I was born and raised in Ticino, in southern Switzerland, in the sunny Mendrisio area, and I currently live and work in Bellinzona. I am a nutritional consultant, with a clear mission: to free from current patterns, preconceptions and current trends

Nutrition coach Diploma (SSN)
Member of the Swiss Nutrition Society (SSN)
Member elected of the Migros Ticino cooperative board

FLEXIBLE DIET, or rather, flexible approach to the DIET!

I have a gentle approach to nutrition, in which the calories and protein intake that need to be introduced is personally established. Together we will learn how to compose a balanced dish based on personal tastes, cravings and habits. NOTHING IS FORBIDDEN. All foods are allowed, except for intolerances, allergies and ongoing diseases. No food makes you fat, if inserted wisely in a controlled diet..

  • Think smart
  • Choose wisely
  • Love yourself


We give space and importance to our emotional as well as nutritional needs. It is our right to eat what we like!
You lose weight by respecting a calorie deficit and not eliminating entire categories of foods. The weight loss process can be long, it is therefore necessary to include foods that give us pleasure and joy.
Everything is about the person, not about abstract rules.
Give us time and be confident: the process will lead to the result.

  • Think smart
  • Choose wisely
  • Love yourself

The first meeting

We will dedicate our first meeting to a detailed analysis of your situation, your goals and the most functional strategies to achieve them. We will set up a first meal plan that will serve as a basis for the next steps. The nutritional path and the plans are not standard but are each time customized and based on the analysis and your needs.

CHF 180.-

What is included?

  • A nutrition consultation (~ 1 hour)

  • The analysis of your situation, based on what we discussed during the consultation

  • The preparation of a personalized diet plan

The next steps

We will establish together phases and frequency of the following meetings, based on the support you will need in your food and nutrizion education path.
We will consolidate your plan, always looking for a dialogue with your body and recognizing the signals it sends you.

CHF 90.-

What is included?

  • An update nutrition consultation

  • The analysis of your situation, based on what we discussed during the update consultation

  • The update of the personalized diet plan

Where and how do we meet

Our meetings can take place in a studio or online.

By appointment only, at the following address:

Via Pobbia 2
6514 Sementina - Ticino

Great solution for those who have a busy life, hard working hours or live far away. The meetings last one hour and take place via video call via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp.


Studio address
Via Pobbia 2
6514 Sementina - Ticino

If I can't answer you, send me an email or a message, even via social media or Whatsapp, I will call you back as soon as possible.